4th Workshop on
Quality of Protection
Workshop co-located with CCS-2008

Mon. Oct. 27, 2008 - Alexandria VA, USA



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MetriSec 2009

The Quality of Protection tradition is continued in the
International Workshop on Security Measurements and Metrics (MetriSec 2009)

General description

In the last few decades, Information Security has gained numerous standards, industrial certifications, and risk analysis methodologies. However, the field still lacks the strong, quantitative, measurement-based assurance that we find in other fields. For example, Networking researchers have created and utilize Quality of Service (QoS), Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and performance evaluation measures. Empirical Software Engineering has made similar advances with software measures: processes to measure the quality and reliability of software exist and are appreciated in industry.

Security looks different. Even a fairly sophisticated standard such as ISO17799 has an intrinsically qualitative nature. Notions such as Security Metrics, Quality of Protection (QoP) or Protection Level Agreement (PLA) have surfaced in the literature, but they still have a qualitative flavor. Furthermore, many recorded security incidents have a non-IT cause. As a result, security requires a much wider notion of "system" than do most other fields in computer science. In addition to the IT infrastructure, the "system" in security includes users, work processes, and organizational structures.

The goal of the QoP Workshop is to help security research progress towards a notion of Quality of Protection in Security comparable to the notion of Quality of Service in Networking, Software Reliability, or measures in Empirical Software Engineering.

The 4th QoP Workshop is co-located with the 15th ACM Conference on Computer and Communication Security CCS-2008 which will be on Oct 27 - Oct 31.

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