Special Issue on Satisfiability Modulo Theories

Call for Papers

Deadline for paper submission: November 25th, 2006

Guest Editors

Byron Cook, Microsoft Research - bycook[AT]microsoft.com
Roberto Sebastiani, DIT, Università di Trento - rseba[AT]dit.unitn.it

General Information

Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) is the problem of deciding the satisfiability of first-order formulae with respect to some decidable background theory (e.g., linear arithmetic, the theory of arrays, the theory of bit-vectors). SMT techniques are gaining increasing relevance in many application domains, including formal verification of hardware and software, compiler optimization, planning and scheduling. SMT is strongly related to SAT, as most SMT tools are built on top of or interface with efficient SAT solvers. (See also the SMT-LIB page and the SMT-COMP'06 page .)


Topics of interested include, but are not restricted to:
  • Novel general SMT techniques
  • Novel SMT techniques for theories of interest
  • SMT for combined theories
  • Novel implementation techniques for SMT
  • Applications of SMT


This special issue welcomes original high-quality contributions that have been neither published in nor submitted to any journals or refereed conferences.
All submissions should be written in terms understandable by general readers of the journal. All submissions will be refereed according to JSAT standards, as described at JSAT web page.
Submissions should be written in LaTeX and formatted with JSAT LaTeX style file according to JSAT's author guidelines, and should not exceed 25 pages.
Submissions should be emailed as postscript or pdf files to both guest editors within the deadline marked above.

About JSAT

JSAT is a peer-reviewed journal which is freely distributed electronically and published in print by IOS Press. The scope of JSAT is propositional reasoning, modeling and computation, and related topics. JSAT publishes high-quality original research papers and survey papers which evidently contribute to deeper insight on a SAT-related topic.