Workshop on

Meaning Coordination and Negotiation (MCN-04)

held in conjunction with
3rd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC-2004)
8 November 2004, Hiroshima Prince Hotel, Hiroshima, Japan


Session 1 (9:00-10:30) - Joint session with EON-04

09:00-09:30 Jerome Euzenat Introduction to the EON-04 ontology alignment contest
09:30-10:00 N. Noy & M. Musen Using prompt ontology comparison tools in the EON Ontology Alignment Contest
10:00-10:30 M. Benerecetti, P. Bouquet & S. Zanobini Soundness and completeness of semantic-based methods for schema matching
Session 2 (11:00-12:40)
11:00-11:25 R. Guha Communicating references
11:25-11:50 M. Schorlemmer & Y. Kalfoglou A channel-theoretic foundation for ontology coordination
11:50-12:15 Y. Qu, Z. Gao, Y. Zhai & J. Deng Ontologies with vocabulary consent relationship
12:15-12:40 P. Mitra, N.F. Noy & A.R. Jaiswal OMEN: a probabilistic ontology mapping tool
Session 3 (14:00-15:15)
14:00-14:25 P. Shvaiko A classification of schema-based matching approaches
14:25-14:50 F. Giunchiglia & M. Yatskevich Element level semantic matching
14:50-15:15 Z. Aleksovski, W. ten Kate & F. van Harmelen Semantic coordination: a new approximation method
Session 4 (15:45-17:10)
15:45-16:10 P. Bouquet, G. Kuper, M. Scoz & S. Zanobini Asking and answering semantic queries
16:10-16:30 K. Lister & L. Sterling Reconciling heterogeneous information sources
16:30-16:50 M.T. Pazienza, A. Stellato, M. Vindigni & F.M. Zanzotto XeOML: an XML-based extensible ontology mapping language
16:50-17:10 Y.A. Tijerino & M. Al-Muhammed Toward a flexible human-agent collaboration framework
Discussion (17:10-18:00)


Paolo Bouquet