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Yoram Ofek Full Professor

University of Trento
Dept. of Information and Communication Technology (DIT)
Via Sommarive, 14, 38050 Povo (Trento) - ITALIA

Phone: +39 0461 88 3954 (office)
Fax +39 0461 88 2093 (DISI)
E-mail: ofek -at- dit.unitn.it

Main Awards

  • European Union fully funded position & project IP-FLOW [Marie Curie EXC actions - 2004]
  • IBM Outstanding Innovation Award
  • IEEE Fellow
  • IEEE ICC-007 ONS Best Paper Award: "Scalable Switching Testbed not 'Stopping' the Serial Bit Stream," Authors: D. Agrawal, M. Baldi, M. Corra, G. Fontana, G. Marchetto, V. T. Nguyen, Y. Ofek, D. Severina, T. H. Truong, O. Zadedyurina; Glasgow - June 24-28, 2007. The paper describes the IP-FLOW opto-electronic testbed implemented in DIT Electronic Lab
  • IEEE ICC-2009 - "First International Workshop on Green Communications" Best Paper Award: "Time for a "Greener" Internet," Authors: Mario Baldi, Yoram Ofek.

Keynote Presentations

I have initiated, invented, and managed the activities of six novel architectures for networking, computing and storage.
The results of these activities have been published within the following collections of papers and patents (more than 120 journa and conference papers and 45 US and European patents, in a rough chronological order):

I. "GREEN INTERNET": Optical Fractional Lambda Switching for optical networks with optimized scalability and power requirements. [Related to IP-FLOW]
II. Remote authentication of software during execution for protection on servers, networks and content. [related to the "TrustedFlow" part of IP-FLOW]
III. Global IP packet switching with pipeline forwarding, optimized for steaming media applications.
IV. Embedding of virtual rings in arbitrary topology networks, optimized for large-scale distributed computing.
V. Ring networks with spatial bandwidth reuse, fairness, traffic integration, etc.
VI. Optical hypergraph for combining multiple passive optical stars with synchronization and pipeline forwarding. [See also Ph.D. Thesis] Education and Professional Positions

Graduate Courses

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